A203 (Version 2) Carrier Board for Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/TX2 NX with compact size and rich ports (Wifi, Bluetooth, SSD supported etc.)

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Jetson A203 V2 is an upgraded version of Jetson-A203, which is still an extended carrier board specifically for NVIDIA Jetson Nano / Xavier NX/TX2 NX. The rich peripheral interfaces make it suitable for  end to end AI robot applications in manufacturing, logistics, retail, agriculture and other industries. With the powerful NVIDIA controlling module(not included) and its compact design, it is good for Video Analysis and Robotics like UAV, Unmanned boat, Unmanned submarine, etc.

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  • The carrier board is specially designed for working with Jetson Nano/Xavier NX / TX2 NX modules and we will not include them inside.

  • When using Jetson Nano, the M.2 KEY E cannot work but instead, M.2 KEY M could. 

  • When using Jetson Nano, 'CAN' cannot work.

  • If want to burn OS into the module. First, enter the recovery mode, find the 14 pins IO on A203 V2, and connect Pin 3(RECOVERY) to GND with a jumper line.

  • We will not include a power cord, please choose a suitable form according to your country.


  • Compact size (87mm*52mm*26mm) saves precious space
  • Lightweight (100g) good for small AI or IoT Application
  • Compact & all-in-one design
  • Equipped with an anti-fall aviation plug that supports high currents
  • Cost-effective, suitable for narrow and small operation environment
  • Additional USB 3.0 ZIF connector compared to its original version(A203)


A203 Version 2 is an updated version of A203. It adds additional pins and one USB 3.0 20-pin ZIF Connector. It is a high-performance, interface rich NVIDIA Jetson Nano / Xavier NX/TX2 NX compatible carrier board, providing HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, M.2 key E Wifi / BT, M.2 key M solid-state drive, CSI camera, RS232, SD card, CAN, PIO, I2C, I2S, fan and other rich peripheral interfaces are suitable for environments with strict environmental requirements, small size and powerful functions.

Basically, it works with an NVIDIA  module mentioned above to achieve graphic AI applications. To be more specific, with the NVIDIA Jetson Nan/Xavier NX / TX2 NX module assembled, it could support NVIDIA JetPack, which includes a board support package (BSP), Linux OS, NVIDIA CUDA®, cuDNN, and TensorRT™ software libraries for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing, and much more. It is suitable for small size AI graphical applications such as smart-city IoT edge devices, Home robots, UAVs, Unmanned boats and Unmanned submarines which need to have a lightweight, low power consumption and small overall design.



A203 V2 Connector Summary




HDMI Right Angle Vertical Connector

USB 3.0 Type A

2* USB 3.0 Link 1 Type-A Connector

NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet

RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Connector (10/100/1000)

DC Power

DC Input Power TE Connector 

USB 2.0 

USB 2.0  Micro-AB Connector

FAN Connector

Picoblade Header 

SD Card

1x MicroSD Card Slot

M.2 Key E

PCI-E 2230 Size

CSI Camera

1x CSI Camera

USB 3.0 ZIF Connector

USB 3.0  0.5mm pitch 20 pin ZIF

RTC Connector

3V, 2 pin

M.2 Key M Disk

Disk size 2242

NVIDIA Jetson Nano/NX/TX2 NX

Nano/NX/TX2 NX 260 PIN Connector

Multifunctional port

2.0 PITCH 40 PIN (such as UART, GPIO, SPI, etc.)

Multifunctional port

2.0 PITCH 14 PIN (Reset, CAN, Recovery, etc.)


Hardware Overview

Comparison Chart


A203 carrier board for NVIDIA® 

Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX

A203 V2 carrier board for

 NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX

A205 carrier board for NVIDIA® 

Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX

A206 carrier board for NVIDIA® 

Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX

Module Compatibility  NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX  NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX  NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX  NVIDIA® Jetson™ Nano/NX/TX2 NX
PCB Size / Overall Size 87mm*52mm 87mm*52mm 170mm*100mm 100mm*80mm
Display   1*HDMI 1*HDMI 2*HDMI 1*HDMI+1*DP
CSI Camera 1*CSI 1*CSI 6*CSI 2*CSI
Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000M) 1x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000M) 2x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000M) 1x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000M)
USB 1* USB 3.0 0.5mm pitch 20Pin ZIF
2* USB 3.0 Type-A (Integrated USB 2.0); 2* USB 3.0 Type-A (Integrated USB 2.0); 4* USB 3.0 Type-A (Integrated USB 2.0); 4* USB 3.0 Type-A (Integrated USB 2.0);
1* USB Micro B(Not support power input) 1* USB Micro B(Not support power input) 1* USB 2.0 Type C(Support OTG) 1* USB Micro B(Not support power input)
SATA \ \ 5 SATA \
M.2 Key M 1*M.2 Key M 1*M.2 Key M \ 1*M.2 Key M
M.2 Key E 1*M.2 Key E 1*M.2 Key E 1*M.2 Key E 1*M.2 Key E
TF_Card 1* TF_Card 1* TF_Card 1* TF_Card \
USB WIFI Mode \ \ 1* Standard USB WIFI Mode(4 pin interface) \
Audio \ \ 1* Audio Jack; \
2* Microphone interface;
2* Speaker interface
SPI Bus 2* SPI Bus(+3.3V Level) 2* SPI Bus(+3.3V Level) 2* SPI Bus(+3.3V Level) 2* SPI Bus(+3.3V Level)
FAN 1* FAN(5V PWM) 1* FAN(5V PWM) 2* Fan(12V/5V); 1* FAN(5V PWM)
1* FAN(5V PWM)
CAN 1* CAN 1* CAN 1* CAN 1* CAN
Multifunctional port 1* 40-Pin 1* 40-Pin 1* 40-Pin 1* 40-Pin
RTC Battery included Battery not included Battery not included Battery not included
Operating Temperature -25° to +65° -25° to +65° -25° to +80° -25° to +80°

Comparison with original version A203

Part List

1 x A203 v2 Carrier Board

1 x Power Adapter 90W 19V (power cable not included)

1x Exchange line (XT30 female to DC Power Jack male)


HSCODE 8543909000
USHSCODE 8543709940



A203 V2 Top View.dwg

A203 V2 Bottom View.dwg

A203 V2 PIN description.pdf

Carrier board SD card  :

Please noted that the Jetpack OS could only run in the storage of module (eMM and module SD card)


Zenus leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to create incredible products while driving the ethical use of facial analysis. Seeed supports the Zenus AI camera with Seeed's high-performance, interface-rich NVIDIA Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/TX2 NX compatible carrier board.
Seeed is glad to partner with Allxon to deliver a secure remote management solution for Jetson Platform. At Seeed, you will find everything you want to work with NVIDIA Jetson Platform – official NVIDIA Jetson Dev Kits, Seeed-designed carrier boards, and kits, as well as third-party boards and accessories.
This is the wiki for A20X Carrier Boards Serials, which includes the instruction of flashing Jetson OS as well as installing related drivers.
You can securely manage NVIDIA® JetPack 4.6 onward versions with Cyber Security at the Edge protecting all networks and hardware. Here are some operations about installing, getting code, adding devices etc.



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    very good base board works well for what i need, only downside is needs adequate cooling due to it being small.


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